the day After suffering a Miscarriage, a young couple

attends their local comic con. 



Our short film, “the phantom menace,” was born out of our five-year struggle to have a baby. Multiple miscarriages don’t exactly scream comedy, but these experiences afforded us the opportunity to see how we deal with grief or more specifically, the ridiculous situations we put ourselves in to avoid confronting our grief. The backdrop of our short is a yearly comic convention. What would ordinarily be one of the happiest days of our couple’s year is instead a constant reminder of the child they are no longer expecting. Their grief is a phantom menace they cannot avoid. We are excited to present our film this summer at the same time we await the birth of our first child in July. 

-Charlotte Barrett & Sean Fallon Writer/Director/Editors

Technical Specs:
Year: 2017
Runtime: 14 min.
Genre: Comedy, Drama
Screening Format: DCP
Sound: 5.1
Camera: RED Epic